Commercial Construction Services

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We deliver high-quality commercial construction from small builds through to large scale projects. Our determination to tackle any task has seen us working on apartment blocks, rest homes, government buildings and more, securing ongoing partnerships with leading commercial construction businesses along the way.

Whatever you need, W.E.B Construction can get it done

From offices to industrial spaces, our flexible team are adaptable to any project-specific requirements. In working with project managers, we can seamlessly integrate our work into your project.

I have worked with W.E.B Construction on multiple different projects, most notably on structural builds for apartment blocks and rest homes. The team are easy to work with, have excellent communication and clearly know what they’re doing. The most impressive aspect of their work? How quickly and accurately they got it done – meeting deadlines was a breeze.

- Shaun Fahey, Project Manager at AFS

What we’ll do for you:

Small and large-scale commercial construction

Apartment buildings

Apartment buildings

Medical centres

Medical centres

Retail shopping centres

Retail shopping centres

Office buildings

Office buildings

interior construction

Interior work and fitouts



Home relocation

Home relocations

school renovations

School renovations

Dedicated to building strong partner relations

We invest in long-term partnerships with project managers to provide professional and experienced commercial construction services on an ongoing basis.

Experts in the field

Our integrity and professional building practice ensures that we complete our projects on time, within budget and having maintained clear communication with the client throughout.

With a dedicated commitment to health and safety, director William Edmonds ensures that his team are educated and up to date on workplace safety.

Safewise work with W.E.B Construction to provide ongoing health and safety support for their team. Consistently following site specific safety plans, W.E.B Construction communicate effectively with other commercial contractors to ensure that safety comes first. They have demonstrated an excellent understanding of the Health and Safety Work Act of 2015, and continuously strive to improve their knowledge in the area.

- Laura Etz, Health and Safety Consultant at Safewise Limited

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